Oil painting, watercolor - custom made paintings. Portraits painted from a photograph, paintings of your favorite motifs or precise copies of old masters:

Have you ever had the feeling that someone would have to paint the painting you want?

For me, personally, these paintings are especially interesting: to see that I am able to paint your idea well enough for the painting to become part of your home or office.

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People are often interested in classical, smooth paintings but I can paint every motif in many different ways:

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A significant number of paintings by the old masters, that we still admire today, were made as commissioned paintings. And I do not only mean works by the greatest icons, such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and many others. "Contemporary artists" often create(d) commissioned painting as well. Nevertheless, I prefer the old masters although I paint abstract art too.

Therefore, I am always pleased when I get your trust to paint such a custom-made painting for you. Moreover, it is a source of inspiration for me and an opportunity to employ all my skills as an artist.

I usually paint several such paintings simultaneously (see the images from my studio below). All these oil paintings were done by the classical techniques of old masters (and all have reached their buyers).

- some examples HERE.

Custom-made paintings, commissioned paintings:

  • It is possible to paint virtually any topic:
    • landscape, your favorite place, your pets, still-life, abstract painting,
      portrait or family portrait.
  • You do not have to buy the finished painting if it does not meet your expectations.
    • Yes, it is exactly as I say: it is all my risk.
      However, I am absolutely sure that I will create the perfect painting for you.
  • Additionally, I do not normally require any advance deposits or payments.
    • I do not have a standardized price list, as the price depends on the complexity of the particular painting and its format.
    • Nevertheless, you will always know the final price of the painting, including the delivery, before I start to paint.
      • It often happens that the painting turns out to be more demanding than I assume, but I take it as my own problem: the agreed-upon price does not change.
  • For your preliminary information:
    • most custom-made paintings are in the range of EUR 150 (oil paintings, approx. 20 cm x 30 cm, not framed) and EUR 600 to EUR 800 (formats of about 80 cm x 100 cm and larger), plus delivery fees.
  • Do not hesitate to contact me: I can really fulfill your wishes for a very reasonable price.

  • I paint every picture with a maximum effort and dedication, both the miniatures and the large canvases.
    Yes, it probably sounds like a cliché, but there is nothing I can do about it.
    • See the pictures bellow - paintings for two customers - a motif from Cuba and a European kind of landscape.
  • The delivery of your painting to your home: Czech Post, DHL, etc. All these carriers are very reliable. I have been using them for years and the paintings have never experienced any damage.
  • As for large canvases, I mainly send them rolled in a tube.
    • It is cheap and easy to have them stretched on the frame then.
  • Smaller paintings (and paintings on the board) are easy to send without any special preparation.
    • The best option depends on the size of the painting and its technique: we can always discuss it. See the illustrative images bellow
      • PS: For the delivery within the Czech Republic (big paintings and short distances only), I often use my car. Sending canvases by post services is by far the most frequent choice. You can see the carefully wrapped paintings ready for my customers.
  • One of the custom-made paintings ready for its shipment to Melbourne, Australia.
    • Do not be afraid of stretching the canvas back onto the frame (it is a low-cost job easy for any craftsman).
  • And now follow sample stories of some of my custom-made paintings.
  • It is not a complete list of all commissioned paintings I have made. The samples I chose portray typical examples from each category of paintings. Besides, you may find it an inspiration - I can paint whatever you imagine and desire.

Custom-made paintings - typical cases
(and samples of delivered paintings):

  • Painting of your favorite landscape (from photographs - oil painting, watercolor, acrylic painting).
  • Painting made completely without a template - non-existent theme, a painting based purely on the description you will send me by e-mail.
  • Portraits, family portraits (including nudes) - generally a painting of a figure motif.
  • "Wedding paintings" and paintings related to your hobbies.
  • Making of an accurate copy of another painting, i.e., a replica painting. More details follow in the sample section.

If you like some of my paintings on this website (both sold and unsold),
you can get your own one in a custom-made version. Typically: you would like to have a similar painting in a larger/smaller format, you prefer a different mood of the painting, etc.

I will paint it specially for you. It will not be an "exact copy", but it will be a very similar painting. All the attributes you like will be preserved.
In any case, you will get your own original: see some of the examples below.


Children’s Portraits - Classic Oil Paintings:

Detailed, realistic oil paintings of children – the size of 60 x 45 cm (sent by regular mail without a frame).

The portrait may also be set in any kind of background, such as with favorite toys; adults may want to choose any objects of their interest, symbols, etc.

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Children’s Portraits - Watercolor:

People mainly ask for photograph-based portraits in oil. However, you can see portraits (40 x 40 cm) in watercolor here. They are much faster (and also cheaper) than a portrait in oil. In some cases, I am able to dispatch the watercolor portrait in 48 hours since your order.

When looking at the previous sample, you yourself can see the typical differences between the two techniques.

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Unconventional Portraits - Oil Painting / Acrylics:

People mainly ask for traditional photograph-based portraits in oil. However, you can get portraits reflecting some of your profession, hobbies, etc. As you can see on portrait of professional jazz muzician and a passionate fan of Startrec sci-fi series.

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Very Unconventional Portraits:

Yes, this really is a portrait:-)). And very successful.

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The evenfall at sea.

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Complicated Subjects for Paintings:

The painting is in the Switzerland. Oil painting is based on a couple of paper pgotographs.

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Commissioned Paintings: For Companies and Institutions as well

The painting size: 130 x 160 cm; oil on canvas. A painting from me may not necessarily be just for your house or apartment but your company or an institution as well (which was this case). It goes without saying that I provide an invoice/receipt for your company's accounting and to any customer.

Paintings commissioned by companies are often larger than those for housing – and that is no problem at all (the transport is problem-free too).

This particular painting was somewhat pricier due to its complexity; however, I still paint large-size paintings for very reasonable prices.

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Commissioned Paintings with the Topic of Sports

A series of paintings (acrylic on canvas) for a tennis stadium in Prague: for the VIP lounge and the entrance to the courts. These are expressive paintings with a high dynamics and a prominent color scheme.

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Commissioned Photography-based Paintings – Modern Architecture, etc.

Samples in the top-down direction: a painting for an Embassy in Prague (a gift for H.E. Mrs. Ambassador upon the end of her mission in the Czech Republic); followed by a painting for the owner of a private eye clinic; and a painting for a law firm in Tišnov (the city's main square).

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"Vista Resort" - Prague: series of interior oil paintings

A series of oil paintings for a new modern sports complex with a hotel, restaurant, wellness centre and other attractive services.

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Modern architecture in paintings

Architect Le Corbusier - an example of synthesis of his two buildings designs into geometrical abstraction painting (size 140 cm x 120 cm) for V.I.P. client.

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Summer residence with garden, oil painting on canvas 110 x 110 cm. The painting is in Great Britain. The basis for the painting was a video shot by a drone.

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Commissioned Paintings are not just "repainted photographs"

The photo at the top left-hand side shows the customer's original idea for the painting. However, he was excited to approve my own composition (the dog is from a separate picture and I had details of the girl and horse available).

As regards the anatomy of the horse above, it is my trademark to insist on a full understanding of anatomy although my students do not always like it. However, without the proper knowledge, one is not able to make a real-life figure – and an abstract painting either. This group portrait was commissioned from Slovakia (60 x 80 cm, plus the frame).

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Commissioned Paintings: Variety of Landscapes

These paintings show a variety of landscapes: the Czech Rip hill (oil; 55 x 70 cm) as well the Swiss-Italian Matterhorn (oil; 80 x 120 cm) and the Slovakia Tatry mountains.

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Commissioned Paintings: Sea

This was a very specific portrait of a sea and yachting enthusiast with a special inscription (commissioned from Italy). The other painting shows a classic motif of a sea with a dramatic sky (oil; 60 x 80 cm).

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Commissioned Portraits with Symbolic Elements

This painting is in Armenia. The request was an unusual one, as national symbolism carries a far greater weight both to the west and east of the Czech Republic. A typical Czech request for a portrait to be gifted on one's 60th birthday would look entirely different.

Nevertheless, this is the real charm of commissioned paintings – to be able to render anyone's original idea and meet their expectations.

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Commissioned Paintings: Cars, Vintage Cars, Motorcycles, Planes, etc.

This special category naturally includes locomotives as well. In this particular case, the order was for the diesel locomotive, model 750, that is about to disappear from Czech train tracks.

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Iconic Czech truck "Liaz" in oil-painting as the most favourite item in vintage cars collection.

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Commissioned painting for the "Velorex" museum. This was a very curious means of transport in the Czech Republic. Today it's a prized curiosity.

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Commissioned Abstract Paintings – Paintings not just for Modern Interiors

In the case of commissioned abstract paintings, I try to meet your vision as well. As with any other painting, the more information I have from you, the better. This is acrylic on canvas; 120 x 140 cm, with a special stretch frame for an enhanced stiffness to prevent a deformation of the painting (BTW, many so-called "professional" painters ignore these extra technological details altogether...).

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Vintage Cars

A special painting (watercolor+gouache) for a company producing plastic models of vintage cars. There was an extremely strict requirement to render the car in a realistic and precise manner.

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Replicas of Old Masters

First, a note of caution: it is not possible to paint certain replicas due to the copyright. However, a replica of Claude Lorrain was possible. The painting was quite challenging – you can see the extent of details, such as the mule rider back on the bridge next to my finger.

Honestly, when it comes to such a replica, it is impossible to render all strokes and colors exactly. One of the reasons is the simple fact that it is usually hard to find the painting in a sufficient resolution, especially for large replicas such as this one (100 x 130 cm).

Painting details: here you can see magnified objects. The real height of the standing figures is 15 cm, with the head size of 2 cm, in the painting.

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And this is a replica painting of Vincent van Gogh Starry Night.

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The Madonna inspired by work of Cranach, 60 x 45 cm, oil painting on canvas.

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Commissioned Paintings – Large Orders

Sometimes, you become collectors of my paintings literally overnight, such as, for instance, the customer who bought 5 classical oil paintings at once (40 x 50 cm, plus the frame).

In case of such a large order, I always try to accommodate you price-wise as well.

The detail below: classical layered painting originating from traditional techniques.

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Some motifs you even want to paint twice. Of course, I'm happy about that, it's also a great training of painting technique and observation.

Both the owner and her mother wanted the picture of the dog (her mother has the smiling one:-). Both branches of the family got the house (find five differences!:-).

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Restoration of Damaged Paintings

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"Painting based on a photograph" of your favorite landscape - oil painting (or watercolor):

  • Highlands summer landscape: oil painting on canvas, painted in the open air - size approximately 50 cm x 90 cm.
    • Including the frame made of spruce wood.
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  • Shrine: oil painting on board, approximate dimensions 40 cm x 30 cm.
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Painting of an "imaginary landscape" without a reference from real life:

  • The customer worded the request/idea for the painting as follows:
    • "A large, meditative Japanese garden with distinctive, twisted red trees mirrored in water;a small waterfall; rocks; and an open view into the heart of the garden; the sky covered with gentle summer clouds."
    • Size approximately 100 cm x 65 cm, oil on canvas, delivered without a frame.
    • Naturally, before starting my work, I had to study the principles of the construction of Japanese gardens.
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    • "Landscape Transformations" - client was inspired by this series
      • Size 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas.
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Painting of a portrait: oil painting, watercolor, charcoal:

I especially recommend an oil painting for a classical portrait. For expressive or stylized portraits, acrylic is the best medium. Watercolor is a very quick, lively and transparent medium, perfect for a bit looser concept of painting.

  • Custom-made portrait of a little girl: oil painting, approx. 40 cm x 30 cm, painting from a photo.
    • This assignment was quite easy :-) "My granddaughter is a little angel and a little devil, mostly both at once. Is she possible to paint?"
    • And why do I not publish the photograph of that little girl here? My decision is to publish neither children nor adults. I often receive quite personal photographs from you and I do not think that anyone would like to be on such an exhibit anywhere…
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  • Family portrait: oil painting, 80 cm x 60 cm.
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
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  • Family portrait: oil painting, 60 cm x 45 cm.
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
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  • Portrait of a young couple - miniature oil painting, 27 cm x 21 cm, framed.
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
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  • Portrait: watercolor, 40 cm x 30 cm, painted from a photograph.
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  • Portrait: charcoal, approx. 50 cm x 40 cm, drawing from a photograph.
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Paintings of nudes: oil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal:

  • Commissioned: "Very decent, obscured nude of a young girl", painted live.
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  • Commissioned: "Movie flap – a motif of a naked young girl with some furniture to sit on" (the client was a director of company making chairs and armchairs).

Wedding presents, paintings related to your hobbies, paintings as birthday gifts or to celebrate other jubilees:

  • Wedding present painting: the painting has found its home in Australia.
    • For this commissioned painting, the client did not have any specific wish. My idea reflecting the couple’s origins and interests was an enormous success and a huge surprise for everyone, including the newlyweds.
    • As you can see, the final painting may be quite different from the preparatory sketches sometimes.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • "Grosse Röder in Radeburg" - oil painting for a client in Germany:
    • Oil on canvas, framed, 35 cm x 50 cm.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • My customers are both private collectors and institutions:
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Oil painting created in real colors as based on a black-and-white photograph (the client was very happy about this possibility):
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

Custom-made paintings from photographs – the suppression of disturbing parts or details:

Frankly, this is quite a common case – such an adjustment needs to be done in most such custom-made paintings.

  • Customer's wish: "I would like a painting of a pond in the summer, painted in a pleasing, idyllic mood."
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Commissioned painting: "I like that pond with autumnal yellow birches and shining reflections in the water. Could you suppress the house on the distant bank a bit?"
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Of course, the paintings you would like to have can be inspired by your vacation anywhere.
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Your favorite place - in this case, it was a nice village cottage with a really charming garden:
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Another wish to paint a cottage:
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

Making a replica of a painting:

Honestly, I am not very excited when you ask me about "painting an exact copy / replica of a painting." With somewhat of a hyperbole, I offer you then the painting of "improved replicas of old masters"  :-) or classic paintings.

Recently, I was painting a Vincent van Gogh (80 x 100 cm) and it is simply impossible to make his plastic 3D structures (or colors) exact so that every single millimeter of the painting and every shade are absolutely the same. Additionally, I was not too happy about some concrete spots in the painting either: I did not like them as they disturbed the overall impression from the otherwise impressive painting. I may sound a bit bold to criticize van Gogh but you are right: for me, every single painting is about the impression, rather than authorities and big names.

For instance, the original painting is rather dark – however, in a graphic design software, I can see immediately that the figures do have faces. They are quite expressive and I captured them exactly in the replica. There also is a bit of red in the women’s skirt in the original, etc. The main problem concerning these paintings is finding a good-quality image of the original.

Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

It is also necessary to respect the copyright and I do so. Should you be interested in a replica, get in touch with me and we will discuss all the relevant aspects, including the degree of fidelity and any potential limitations.

  • "Manor replica" - I made this replica painting for one of my dedicated collectors:
    • The motif is a historical view of the family manor and both branches of the family wanted to have this painting in their collection.
    • The original is on the left. I did not like the shape of the dominant tree and it seemed somewhat oppressed to me (with only a little bit of space above).
    • Moreover, the shade of the wall was clearly wrong in the original (the light source is on the left).
    • Therefore, I made some adjustments but I did preserve all the main aspects of the original painting.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Replica of a painting made by a painter who passed away a long time ago:
  • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

Traditional still lifes - or very unconventional still lifes:

  • This is an example of quite an original custom-made painting - "Still life with an orange and a blue sky".
    • Nearly hyper-realistic technique of painting, 40 cm x 50 cm, oil on hardboard.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • A truly classical composition - "Still life with grapes and plums".
    • Made with old masters’ technique, glazed oil painting on hardboard, 30 cm x 40 cm.
    • Naturally, custom-made still life paintings with flowers are among the most popular ones.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

Abstract paintings:

  • This painting was to evoke the sun in the summer - acrylic painting. The client couple did not have any restrictions in this commission's propositions.
  • The clients were inspired by a small painting (already sold) on my web site.
    • I always truly appreciate when clients send me pictures of my paintings in their homes.
    • Format 80 cm x 100 cm, not framed.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • "Dream" painting:
    • Size 160 cm x 70 cm, oil on canvas, delivered unframed.
    • It is an abstract painting, but the client had a very exact notion of the shades of blue to be used - brush technique.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

The same motif - different painting techniques - different moods of the resulting oil paintings:

  • As you can see, the paintings are truly original art pieces
    • Painting on the left side: a classical landscape - 50 cm x 40 cm, oil on canvas, framed
    • Painting on the right side: very expressive paintings - same motif and format
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Very different artistic interpretations of the same scenery.
    • You always get a truly original painting.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

You can find inspiration for your custom-made painting by looking at some of my paintings on this website:

  • A typical situation may be that you like some paintings on my website (sold or not) but you would prefer a different size. You might also wish me to highlight or leave out certain elements.
  • Everything is possible - we can agree on anything.
  • I will paint an original painting specially for you and you will have a truly original art piece to your liking.

  • Some of atypical examples:
    • Some visitors of my website really liked the yellow "Tansies".
    • They wanted a painting like that but with "Poppies" instead.
Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Oil painting "Misty Landscape": The customer was inspired by a small-size painting on this website. She wanted a similar painting but a much larger one (90 cm x 70 cm).
    • The painting was shipped to Slovakia (stretched and unframed).
    • The images show both the process of painting and wrapping.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • Commissioned oil painting: "Dramatic winter day":
    • The customer wanted the dramatic mood of the painting to be preserved in his commissioned version.
    • One of the paintings has a size of 100 cm x 80 cm, the other one is 40 cm x 50 cm.
    • You can guess which one is which  :-).
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
    Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
  • A brief note on the formats of paintings and framing options:
    • For a comparison, you can see a 80 cm x 100 cm painting on canvas without a frame and in a wooden frame (spruce).
      • To frame or not to frame is a personal choice but sending an unframed painting saves you money, as it reduces the shipping cost.
      • Large canvases can be sent rolled up in a tube. It is very cheap and easy to have them stretched (and possibly framed) after their arrival.
      Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
      Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

    I almost forgot our pets!

    • The dog was, of course, an important part of the painting.
    • Click - enlarge Painting is sold.
      Click - enlarge Painting is sold.

    Thank you very much for your interest and attention.

    Kudyznudy.cz - tipy na vylet